Company Profile

HUMTEK Communications Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2000 by experience technocrats having over 15 years experience in the field of selling lightwave, satcom, and RF & Microwave products of reputed companies.

Our Offices

Sales offices in BANGALORE & NEW DELHI staffed by sales personnel experienced in the field of Telecommunication capable of addressing the customerís needs in the area of RF & Microwave, Lightwave and Satellite communication.

Our Customer Base

Our customer-base encompasses the following business sectors

  1. Telecom
    Telecom operators
    Equipment manufacturer for Telecom

  2. Defence
    Radars in different frequency bands
    VHF, UHF and L band Communication equipment
    Avionics equipment

  3. Space and Aviation
    INSAT, GSAT & IRS satellite programs in C, Ext-C, X, Ku & Ka bands
    Payload transponders and TTC transponders

  4. Industrial
    Microwave Devices for process control and instrumentation

Our Winning Strategy

We are able to work closely with our customers and help design solutions based on the available products to meet the needs of our customers. We act as the interface between the design teams of our customers and principalís. Thus ensuring that the customers needs are met both in respect of technology as well as commercial.

We are so much successful with this approach that our existing customers invite us at the design stage to help them in the design of their product, thus ensuring that the customer can avail of the latest in technology.

Our Strengths

Excellent contacts at all levels starting from design engineers to their product managers, purchase officers to the CEOs.

Our Vision and Goal

To be a world class supplier of Optical Components(Lightwave), Satcom Products, RF & Microwave components.

HUMTEK Advantage

A Single point contact for all your components need.